The kaleidoscope promo for The Fixies on CER Two, Nicktoons El Kadsre, and BBT Kids is un-voiced and broadcast-quality, featuring images and video clips of each of the characters from the show one at a time in a kaleidoscope-styled nature with different kaleidoscope views which plays over a new low-pitched sitar/indian-styled instrumental rendition of the Fixies theme song, plus text (the show's logo font) at the center of the screen while the kaleidoscope is playing.

Because of the kaleidoscope nature of the promo, it is devoid of a voiceover or the voices of the characters from the show as the Fixies kaleidoscope promo differs from all the other The Fixies promos.


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Character picturesEdit

The character pictures is featured one at a time on the kaleidoscope promo.


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